We provide teachers all the training and coaching they need every day on their smartphones to become the best version of themselves and inspire their students

Who is Learning Coach

The place to be as a teacher everyday ! 

Learning Coach is an edtech startup providing a platform for teachers training and coaching. Our goal is to help teachers deliver exceptional instruction and create a positive learning environment effortlessly and with enthusiasm.

The platform provides access to teachers to a wide range of courses, inspiring masterclasses, edtech and book reviews, and a passionate international community of teachers - all in one private place on their phone. Teachers can access all courses for a one-time payment and receive certificates upon completion.

Courses, masters classes, events and all the resources are added as teachers request them and as the world of education evolves.  Popular courses include AI for teachers and hypnosis to use in the classroom.

The start up's founder, Faysal Hafidi, has a background in immunology and neuroscience, and after a few years as a business coach, he decided to follow his passion and make a leap to join the world of education. He trained teachers, taught himself, and managed a school for 10 years.

Faysal discovered that today's school system, the one he attended and that his parents attended, has not changed despite the evolution of everything around it. He also found that neuroscience, psychology, and technology offer revolutionary learning solutions that teachers and schools are still unaware of. Lastly, he realized that teachers' challenges are the same worldwide.

Learning Coach aims to transform the world of education by providing passionate teachers with the support and resources necessary for success. With a collaborative and innovative approach to education, Learning Coach is dedicated to helping teachers enhance their teaching practices and achieve their goals.
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